Barbara Naturally is an online environment where I (Barbara) speak about my experiences with maintaining healthy natural hair, including natural hair styles, hair routines, curly hair maintenance, product trials, and style, and maintenance of my daughters curly hair. 

Take time to learn from each tab at the top of the page.  I have quite a few tips about creating natural hairstyles and instructions on how to maintain those styles overnight, and how to refresh styles the next morning. 

For more up to date information on new hairstyles and style photos meet me at my blog at

My blog will give other natural heads the opportunity to share experiences about maintenance of natural curls.

As a wholistic woman I will occasionally blog about inspirational words that keep me motivated, about my trials and errors with products to maintain acne-free skin, and my goal to eat a healthier diet while maintaining a exercise regimen.  My mission is to inspire you, raise your self esteem, and give you the hope and confidence to naturally be you.  As I follow one of my passions of caring for and growing healthy natural hair, please join me on my journey to learn, share, and uplift those trying to maintain a head full of natural curls.